Perfect Place for Weekend Getaways from Delhi, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Mumbai

Stay in a grand residence for the weekend

With daily flights from Delhi and Jaipur, Narendra Bhawan the palace-residence of the last reigning king of Bikaner – Narendra Singh Ji is the ideal weekend getaway.

Explore Bikaner, a dynamic and self-motivated kingdom which through the centuries grew to evolve into a poster- child of competence and able governance through the agency of some exceptional Maharajas and their ministers who advanced an idea of welfare and development that was notable for its time.

Indulge in our Signature experiences such as the Merchant Exploration where one sees the living material history of prosperous businessmen who flourished along the Silk Route carved in stone. A chaperoned walk through the city which culminates befittingly with a showcase of Marwari cuisine. The Sundowner at Darbari takes place deep in the heartland of the Bikaner desert, in secret enclaves between rocky escarpments in acres of soft green pastures and lush oasis, mystifying the eye and delighting the spirit.

Unwind at Clinic – The Spa, inspired by the great sanitariums of Europe. The rituals here are inspired by the famous Bach Flower Therapy. Dine at P&C the timeless and utterly elegant dining room capturing the charm and phlegmatic finesse of the graceful lady of the house and the initials are derived as a tribute to her favourite apparel of Pearls strings and Chiffon saris.

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