Royal Merchant Exploration | Narendra Bhawan, A Boutique Hotel


Rampuriya Haveli - Golchha Haveli - Rangari Chowk - Kotharion ka Chowk - Daga Sitya Chowk - Punan Chand Haveli

“The Bikaner of my ancestors thrived due to its prime location along the caravan routes between Western and Central Asia. Enriched by this bountiful trade the nobles and the merchants of Bikaner built palaces, havelis and temples in red sandstone that stand pristine to date.”

Let’s experience this living material history carved in stone. A chaperoned walk through the city is a must. Once completed, your excursion will thence culminate befittingly with a showcase of Marwari cuisine served at a grand merchant residence.


Bikajee Ki Tekaree - Laxminath Temple - Sadul Museum - Lalgarh Palace - Laxmi Niwas Palace - Royal Cenotaphs at Devi Kund Sagar

“Come experience a guided exploration of my beloved Bikaner with an introduction to its 500 hundred year old story, an abundance that is graciously transcribed in its palaces and lovingly preserved in museums. History you see, lives in every nook and corner of this ancient city.”

Take a tour of the palaces that are unusual and the fort that is fascinating. These historical storehouses are certainly amongst the best in the country.