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Narendra Bhawan Bikaner taps into the memories of its original incumbent and takes its guests on a journey through his past wherein the best moments of his life are translated into an array of curious options – some interestingly epicurean, others fantastically novel and everything always enchanting. These are experiences that lead you through pathways thoughtfully interweaved to add charm and mystique to your visit…

“After a long day attending to my dear guests, as well as the papers that concern both my business and philanthropic enterprises, I look forward to a gloriously gratifying drink and convivial chitchat with my friends as we head out and drive into the hinterland of my beloved Bikaner.”

As paradoxical as it may sound, deep in the heartland of the Bikaner desert, in secret enclaves between rocky escarpments are found acres of soft green pastures and lush oases, mystifying the eye and delighting the spirit. It is here that we find ourselves far away from the bustle of people in pristine settings that are almost biblical, celebrating our legendary Narendra Bhawan sundowners.

“Of all my peoples my Muslim community most charmed me. It was their great sense of aesthetic sensibilities, their food, their language, and their rituals every part of their society is so designed to engage and enchant.”

The deep blue infinity pool takes its colour from the bright and light Bikaner sky and offers great va tage views of the city; the old and the new. The space transforms at twilight and takes on a mantle of celebration with starlit skies, live grills And party music. What better venue to savour the Muslim food of Bikaner. Lovingly cradled in crescent shaped thalis...

Fine Dining Restaurants in Bikaner

“Memory recalls food that has flattered its taste; imagination fancies that it sees them, and something like a dream takes place. This state is not without pleasure, and we have heard many adepts say, with joy in their heart. What a pleasure it is to have a good appetite, when we are certain of a good meal and they are then detained by the charms of society, and animated by the hope that the evening will yet develop.”

It is in this hope that we re-render the Kings table with recipes culled from the annals in history. The Maharaja’s interest in food and love of cuisine is on offer.