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P&C - Dining Room, Narendra Bhawan Bikaner


P&C is the timeless and utterly elegant dining room capturing the charm and phlegmatic finesse of the graceful lady of the house and the initials are derived as a tribute to her favourite apparel of Pearls strings and Chiffon saris. Calling upon an exquisite culinary heritage her re-rendered accomplished ‘Table’ features menu items meticulously singled out from the annals of history that were the once upon a time favourites of the Royals of Bikaner. P&C features a curated wine list, table-side preparations and Tiffin lunches. With banqueting options aplenty, our guests’ experiences at P&C are designed to satiate any culinary curiosity. Please call us on +91-151-2252500 to make a reservation.



In keeping with our eclecticism this whimsical space aptly named Mad Hatter - The Bake House presents traditional confectionary and baked goods. Familiar and utterly comfort giving, Puddings and Pies sit right beside Toffees and Rum Balls and Fudges of all sorts. Indian Estate Coffees and Teas lend immediate familiarity, as do Cold Press Coffee Towers and deeply decadent Hot Chocolate. This is a space that is at once familiar and agreeable and is intended to invoke happy memories for them, for us, and you! Please call us on +91-151-2252500 to make a reservation.

Gaushala - Dining, Narendra Bhawan Bikaner


The Gaushala at the entrance is a tribute to Lord Krishna. Our fecund and majestic Rathi cows, favourites of both the King and the Lord are stabled in a specially designed cast- iron manger in the front portico. Here, the entertainment specifically curated for our guests is a mellifluous feast for the senses as morning Bhajans or prayers in praise of the Lord ring out through the open spaces lending harmony and deep tranquillity to the surrounding areas. The evenings resonate with the Rasa Leela in play, the courtship dance of Lord Krishna, utterly romantic and engaging. An enticing menu of petite collations and beguiling cocktails are presented; designed to flatter the evening, the mood, and you! Please call us on +91-151-2252500 to make a reservation.

Durbaar Hall - Dining, Narendra Bhawan Bikaner